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Here you will find the range of services provided at Hillview Home Boarding and Training 4 dogs, please get in touch if you have any questions.
Here at HHBT4D we are fully licensed and insured to offer a home boarding experience being awarded 5 Star rating and a 3 year licence by Sedgemoor Council. This means your dog will stay within our family home. We aim to give your dog the best experience while you are away, this includes the advantages of home comforts, company and cuddles. Each stay is tailored to the individual guest to meet their needs. For this reason a meet and greet with new owners and their dogs is a must before any bookings, this is a perfect opportunity for you to meet ourselves and our dogs and see if our set up suits your dog. Trial nights are available for those that we think may benefit from them, these are particularly useful for dogs that have come from rescue. 
Prices start at £30 per day for 1 dog, contact us for a personal quote. Collection and drop off available at an extra cost
Our dog walking services include both group walks for those that want and enjoy company of other dogs and individual walks for those that prefer to be on their own. We can also accommodate those that need to stay on a lead and those that can have more freedom, all walks take place in suitable areas either public footpaths or private land that we have permission to walk on. Dogs on these walks are encouraged to do polite play and normal dog activities like sniffing rather than over the top play for the whole walk. For those that need training help with their walks for things like lead manners, recall and calmness around other dogs and people there are specialized training walks available following an assessment. Our dog walks are available from Monday to Friday
Group walks £12 per hour
Individual walks £17 per hour
Group Training walks £20 per hour
Individual Training walks £35 per hour 
As some dogs do not like the company of other dogs in their lives or they find leaving home stressful we also offer house sitting where your dog and other pets can stay within their own home, this means they will have company throughout the day and night as well as the comfort of their own home. We advise a meet and greet where we come to meet you and your pets prior to any bookings so we can learn more about your routines and your pets. Availability for this service is limited.
Prices start from £35 per day, contact us for a personal quote.
We offer a wide range of dog training from various group classes from puppies through to elderly,
1-2-1 training sessions for those that are experiencing specific struggles or prefer not to work with others around,
house visits for those that are experiencing struggles within the home,
social walks for those that need to build their dogs confidence and residential training to kick start a training plan for the owners to then put in place at home.
We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with modern training techniques and making it fun for both owner and dog. 
Prices vary,
1-2-1 training at Hillview £35 per hour
1-2-1 House visit £50 for the first hour £40 per hour after. Travelling charges may apply please contact us for a quote.
Group training courses from £60, please contact us to find out what course will suit your dog and prices for those courses.
Check out news and events for future course dates.
There are 2 types of residential training available, one is Board & train, this is where your dog stays with us at HHBT4D for an agreed period to work on training areas requested by yourselves, each day your dog will enjoy walks and fuss other guests have here with added 1-2-1 training time throughout the day, the length of these sessions will be based on each individual dog and discussed with yourself prior to booking. You will receive daily updates of your dogs progress along with videos, on the last day you will be invited to come for a hand over session where we discuss the training we have carried out and show you how to continue your dogs training, during this session we will also book a follow up appointment to see how your getting on and tweak your training where necessary, this sessions will be included in the quote you will receive before booking. This service is a great way of kick starting your training where time is limited or for struggles that are too stressful for your to manage in the earlier stages, please note this is not a service where your dog will return perfectly trained without any work from yourselves, to get the most out of it you will need to continue the training at home. From £50 per day. contact us for more information.
Daycare and train, this service is where you can book your dog in for daycare and receive the added bonus of training, this is a perfect helping for those with a busy work and home life to help add a little extra training to your dogs routine, this can be super useful for those that struggle to take their dog for a walk due to pulling or building your dogs confidence whilst out and about, helping your dog to learn to settle around other dogs, you will receive updates on your dogs progress and tips on what to work on between sessions. please note both these services are limited availability. From £40 per day, contact us for more information.