It is no secret the dog’s nose is pretty incredible and used for many tasks within the working dog industry, a police dog can be trained to follow a scent left by a human for miles over various terrains, they can be taught to seek out money, drugs and firearms all to help protect communities from various criminals. Military use the dogs’ nose to find explosives, search and rescue, and then you have dogs helping the medical community with things like detecting cancer in patients, but why would the regular dog owner want to make use of it?

The dog sees the world from a visual respect as a combination of greys, yellows, and blues…. Pretty boring right? This is where their beautiful little snooters get to work to give them more information about the crazy world they live in.

On average us Humans have around 5,000,000 scent receptors, that’s a pretty big number, but dogs scent receptors range between 125,000,000 to 300,000,000 depending on breed and length of the muzzle which allows the dog to see the world clearly from up to 3000 miles away, now that is pretty impressive.

Scent work is one of the least used parts of pet dog training yet it can have so many wonderful benefits to both the dog and their owner. The mental stimulation the dog can get just from sniffing the daily pee-mails where they can find out the sex, age, diet and mood just from the urine of another dog on their walks can have a huge positive effect on their overall wellbeing and behaviour making it easier for them to chill and relax in life compared to that of a dog going out to chase a tennis ball 100 times each walk. Sniffing is naturally rewarding for your dog making them feel good and often keen to practice that again…and it can be used to help with other desirable behaviours when used appropriately.

So on this course we are going to introduce you to scent work using Kong and give you an insight on how this can benefit your dog through exercises that you can play with your dog from the comfort of your own home, in your garden or even out on walks, better still ANY dog can do it whether they are young or old, fit or not, deaf or blind your dog can still enjoy games with scent.

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