PAUL CHAPMAN main dog walker

Paul is Nic's partner, main dog walker and house sitter at HHBT4D. As well as being a huge help throughout the canine services Paul also works a part time job as a lorry driver, most of our group dog walks are done by Paul and he is always available to help Nic with some of the more complex walks. Paul has grown up with a number of different breeds but is particularly fond of those that like a good cuddle in the evenings.


Lottie is a 4 year old Rottweiler and Sky is a 3 year old Jug, Lottie has been a resident dog since she was 8 wks old, she enjoys her walks with her friends but also likes to chill out on the sofa as much as possible. 

Sky became a resident dog in 2017 and has changed so much in that time, she loves to see visitors and meet new friends.

NIC EVANS IMDT dog trainer

Hillview Home Boarding Training 4 Dogs is the brainchild of Nic's. Nic has worked with both dogs and horses on and off for the last 15years, during that time Nic had worked in boarding and rehoming kennels which developed a good understanding of how upsetting it can be for owners and dogs that don't like the kennel set up. Having lost her border collie Bruno in December 2015 it was clear that Lottie was really missing canine company and despite fostering an elderly staffie Mildred  she was just miserable which is where the idea of HBBT4D was born. 

In 2016 Nic decided to add dog training to the services in the future and started studying with the IMDT and Absolute dogs, in 2018 Nic passed her assessment with Absolute dogs pro trainers and went on to pass the assessment with the IMDT and was offered full membership with them, this means every 2 years Nic will go through a re-assessment to make sure training methods used are within the IMDT's code of ethics and she continues her education. 


Sean & Riley both like to get involved with the home boarding side of the services and really help to make some of our guests feel content in their own ways , Sean is looking to become a dog trainer when he leaves school and often helps in classes with demos and handling the resident dogs where needed, Sean and Lottie have taken part in clicker training workshop, various dog shows, and canine hoopers, his gentle and kind handling skills and a good understanding of dogs are an asset with all the different dogs here. Riley takes a bit more of a backseat with training and handling but does love to sit with the dogs of an evening and enjoys some of the walks we get to experience.

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